I find writing to be quite therapeutic so I intend to use this blog from now on to be a personal notepad to express how I feel on a daily basis. My thoughts often become long and drawn out, and thus merits separate posts.

Sometimes names will be drawn out and I may forgot to filter out by accident. If that happens and you see something you're uncomfortable with, let me know and I will redact/remove the specific part.

Nothing on here is to be taken literally or seriously, or a combination of both. These posts are simply a rumination of thoughts, feelings, emotion, etc. and do not carry any weight politically, socially, etc.

Do not twist what I write out of proportion. Certain ideas may not seem mainstream, or may appear to be absurd or indicative of different philosophies and should be taken as such in a bipartisan manner.

If a topic is crude, obscene, etc. understand the philosophy it is driven on and purely the philosophy that is being considered. Observe from a neutral standpoint.

If you've got any concerns, I'll address them and make updates as necessary.