Last night, I stumbled upon this video on Youtube

As I watched it, I started thinking about where I am within this entire spectrum of liberalism and conservatism, where I was in the past and where I see myself going as time progresses on. I wrote to a friend in hemingway style:

It’s all starting to make sense right now. “Open individuals have an affinity for liberal, progressive, left-wing political views, whereas closed individuals prefer conservative, traditional, right wing views” — When I started to think outside of the previous confines i was used to, I started to become more open minded, accepting of things in life, and so much more human. And once I started doing that, I became less stuck in this mental bubble I was in, and aware to see the whole picture.

And that’s when i saw so much possibility in the world, that I didn’t have to feel safe and conservatively reserved all the time, that I could change things positively. I went from a taker mentality to a giver mentality in the world. I went from a traditionalist attitude to an innovators attitude. And this is all when I started growing away from finance and into tech over the past year / two years.

I sought to have a deeper understanding of the world, and by doing so I opened my mind and became a lot more liberal than I had ever been, which reduced my overall insecurity for who i am / the labels put on me. And the giver mentality, to want to turn the deeper understanding of the world I acquire to turn this understanding into a better future for all humans, not just yourself.

This is perhaps, the realization people start to see when having something is not as good as everyone having something. It’s simply more fun if all your friends had a Tesla too right?

This is the difference between capitalism and socialism, one being you want to have more to make people envy you for what you have, while the latter being of equality among all and happiness enjoyed by everyone. In the past it was far more primitive - the ones who had possessions that others wouldn’t have. Now with better tech, everyone has an iPhone for example. What side would you pick?