This morning I stumbled upon an article about the world running out of sand. I sent it to a friend and related it to a few things we had been talking about.

The article seemed to talk about the world's usage of sand (not the desert sand you see above), but specific sand you find on river beds, beaches, etc. and how the world is running out because of heavy usage in construction, electronics, etc.

Then the plot twisted to talk about the exploitation of humans in poor villages around the world, because while sand is commoditized, in parts of the world it can be mined for next to nothing and criminal gangs have formed to extract this precious resource – to the extent where people have been murdered over sand.

There are many other stories like this. It seems like it will come down to technology because whatever resource it is, or the environment, there will always be a few who will try to make money and ruin it for everyone else. So if people don’t love technology and try to love people and hope they do the “right thing” as you put it, then I think we’re all doomed.

I’m scared that peter thiel is right about this. If it’s politics vs people, politics has already won as you can observe in our modern day government. If it’s technology vs politics, then perhaps we have a chance as people to let this play out and hopefully tech and innovation will win.

I had this oddly bizarre feeling while [in a different state of mind] in Canada at a music festival with another friend earlier this year, and it was about the Canadian people being Canadian — kind hearted culture — those who would never hurt a soul, but when their neighbors to the south make bad decisions or their counterparts in the Middle East and Asia act selfishly, they suffer selflessly as a developed nation of people and are hurt from the choices of a few.

Perhaps that’s why Alex (the Dean) agreed to meet with another friend of mine when a person like the Undergrad Dean likely wouldn’t be as open — one person grew up in a kind and gentle culture with British politeness while the other did not. Both are PhD educated, but one is soft spoken, a listener, extremely smart, and conscientious.