Chris responded to my email from last week about his experiences in the workplace and about efficiency, and here's how I responded back to him.

Coffee with Alex was great last Friday. I was 30 minutes late due to traffic but kept him in the know and he didn’t seem to mind terribly much. I feel like I know him as another friend at this point. He’s seen me at pitch dingman, Rudy’s awards, etc. so he knows who I am pretty well :)

I told Alex what is happening at my firm in terms of how they are abusing their human capital by employing them as security guards and he was in disbelief but shook his head as if he knows this is how it is. I have just seen the world and how work/business truly is and I honestly feel like it’s all a bunch of bullshit.

Alex emphasized that I’m an entrepreneur and that he spoke to MD’s from EY earlier in the day. They said they want to work with entrepreneurs but they don’t want to hire them...! What’s that supposed to actually mean? They don’t want improvement from within because perhaps the entrepreneur has deviant thinking and could be dangerous to the company? They just want people to put their heads down, do the work, and go home. Then repeat for a decade or two as you make it up the corporate ladder? What’s the fun in that, wasting your young years with no real challenge, adhering to corporate norms?

Finally, Alex told me that I should heavily consider going to the Bay Area soon because he said if I’m trying to work with the brightest people in technology, then I will definitely find them there. He’s not the only one who has said this, Paul and zeki seemed to corroborate that. But I might go from one of the smarter, more competent ones to the dumber, less competent ones in the crowd. I wonder how I will handle that.

Alex said that staying a year or however long at my current firm wouldn’t matter because people would understand if I left early because I can tell my story, from dark sonar to my journey as an entrepreneur wanting to do stuff and move fast. He encouraged me to do what motivates me, makes me happy, and my passion — which is still technology after all these years even going through business school.