Like a few others in the world, I no longer believe democracy and freedom can coexist. I find these two terms to be antipodes in the constant conflict between these two make it appear that human behavior and fairness are at odds -- even in the year 2018.

Between democracy and freedom, I consciously choose to have freedom because greed is part of human nature. If I am free and do what makes me happy, then what I do may upset someone else or even be detrimental to someone else. Democracy is the opposite of that freedom I described -- where every person's opinion and position is accounted for.

A true democracy, however, creates inefficiency and it takes far too much time for any action to be taken and by the time an action is made on a problem, it may be far too late. That being said, I do not support dictatorships or monarchies where basic human rights are neglected.

I am increasingly sick and tired of some of my friends or counterparts who believe because they come from a lot of money, prestige, or connections that they know better and can dictate what other humans in the world can or cannot do.

I am not anti-government/libertarian leaning for financial reasons, but rather the fact that I cannot bear bureaucrats creating regulations for which they have NO RIGHT in making because they do not have the empathy in understanding or experience. Cases such as Roe v. Wade and Lawrence v. Texas demonstrate overreach in government to start -- and those who have more conservative social issues are free to have them but it is detestible to force it on other people who want to live their lives happily.

Between nepotism and meritocracy, we should in principle support meritocracy because when it comes to performing a certain occupation, how well a person is able to do the job is all that really should matter. Unfortunately, people are often awarded jobs or titles that they do not deserve and are incompetent at -- take Betsy DeVos, the current secretary of education in the United States. Coming from a well off background, she was a Trump nominee that I found to be rather incompetent, but good for the business of education.

Shouldn't we be seeking efficiency in the hiring process for a role? Or is it only the people who you know what matters? Instead of studying/working hard, is socializing and networking the only skill you need to have?

From a morality and ethics standpoint, what is Betsy DeVos doing wrong by supporting charter schools and school choice? If anything, couldn't I seek to be entrepreneural and be involved in a charter school to profit from the next generation of Americans seeking to become educated?

Ms. DeVos neither understood the difference between proficiency and growth in learning evidenced from her confirmation hearing nor did she ever run a billion dollar student loan program. But clearly this did not matter -- as a representative of the "upper class", personal interest in having "freedom" in forcing ones beliefs on others outruled the democratic process which should seek to serve all Americans. At the end of it all, we've got a broken system that will leave a generation of Americans underserved and behind.

Coming from, and being educated in what I wish to call a "first world, developed country", it saddens me to realize that for me to exercise "true freedom" and be happy in the way I wish to be happy, the rest of the American public may have to suffer.

My goal is to be happy long-term and I will stop at nothing to achieve that true freedom I long for.
In this country, that unfortunately also requires making massive sums of money so that you do not have to worry about the costs of healthcare, education, retirement, etc. through whatever means necessary.

Perhaps money is what the United States of America was built upon.